7Soundware - Floppy Drums

Floppy Drums is a collection of kits, instruments and clips recorded from a vintage Yamaha A3000 Hardware Sampler.

So you have a modern approach and the classic sound of hardware samplers all in one easy to use pack.

In this library we developed a new concept and perspective of loops library , using the power of Ableton Drum Rack, instrument Racks and automation in conjunction with Ableton clips we created more than 100 interactive Loops, we like to call this product an Advanced Loops Library.

You can tweak, modify change and interact with the sounds and the arrangement of those loops.

That open’s up a totally new perspective for loops usage, we like loops but often you find yourself with something that work standalone but not so much in a production and you want to tweak just some things to adapt it in your music flow and so using Ableton clips system is our answer.

7Soundware - Robot Random Slicer

Robot Random slicer is a simple slice glitch machine, it takes audio in and randomize and slice your samples, after that the captured samples are used into a wavetable.

Controls are eye and mouth of the robot ( How cute ), it works better with drums, with that it really shine.

Left Eye controls metro timing for the random generator, right eye controls ending point of the wavetable.

The mouth controlos deviation from the right eye value for the right out.

And the best thing is that it’s a FREEBIE

7Soundware - Robot Bit Destroyer

Robot Bit Destroyer will perform a Bitwise Distortion to any sound you throw at him !!!

Comparing bitwise your audio in to a Saw oscillator you can really destroy your sound or if you want, add a little grit behind it!

Yes because you have on the left eye the dry signal amount and on the right the Destroyed signal, so you can really blend as desired !

The mouth controls tuning for Saw oscillator so you can create an upper voice to your sound !