7Soundware - Floppy Drums

Floppy Drums is a collection of kits, instruments and clips recorded from a vintage Yamaha A3000 Hardware Sampler.

So you have a modern approach and the classic sound of hardware samplers all in one easy to use pack.

In this library we developed a new concept and perspective of loops library , using the power of Ableton Drum Rack, instrument Racks and automation in conjunction with Ableton clips we created more than 100 interactive Loops, we like to call this product an Advanced Loops Library.

You can tweak, modify change and interact with the sounds and the arrangement of those loops.

That open’s up a totally new perspective for loops usage, we like loops but often you find yourself with something that work standalone but not so much in a production and you want to tweak just some things to adapt it in your music flow and so using Ableton clips system is our answer.

7Soundware - Robot Random Slicer

Robot Random slicer is a simple slice glitch machine, it takes audio in and randomize and slice your samples, after that the captured samples are used into a wavetable.

Controls are eye and mouth of the robot ( How cute ), it works better with drums, with that it really shine.

Left Eye controls metro timing for the random generator, right eye controls ending point of the wavetable.

The mouth controlos deviation from the right eye value for the right out.

And the best thing is that it’s a FREEBIE

7Soundware - Robot Bit Destroyer

Robot Bit Destroyer will perform a Bitwise Distortion to any sound you throw at him !!!

Comparing bitwise your audio in to a Saw oscillator you can really destroy your sound or if you want, add a little grit behind it!

Yes because you have on the left eye the dry signal amount and on the right the Destroyed signal, so you can really blend as desired !

The mouth controls tuning for Saw oscillator so you can create an upper voice to your sound !


7Soundware - Fractions Delay

We like to call “Fractions Delay” and highly rhythmic Delay. It is based on a multi tape-head delay but with the Time related in fractions between every single tape-head.

This Delay havs a really experimental character and it’s highly recommended to experiment with it to find your own sound.

Time is related between tape-heads like this:

Tape Head 0 = Time control

Tape Head 1 = time control + Selected Fraction

Tape Head 2 = Tape Head 1 time + Selected Fraction Etc etc

So every change in time from one Tape head will affect the following one.

Let’s see an Example:

Tape head 0 = 100ms

Tape Head 1 = 100ms + 1/4 = 125ms Tape head 2 = 125ms + 1/2 =

187.5ms Etc Etc…

In this way we can obtain multi-tap rhythmic related Delays.


Ableton Live 8-10. Works on Every version of Ableton with max4live with axmd file included

Max4live is required

7 Soundware - Pitch Shifted Delay 1.0

Pitch shifted delay is a Delay effect based around a Buffer to alter the pitch of the repetitions.

You can tune it to every interval you want and even arrive to a granularized Delay line, everything in a very Lo-fi style reminiscent of early 90’s sampling delay stompboxes.

You can obtain octave up, octave down , two octave up , reverse and any interval you want.

We’ve also added two random section, one for strutter fx and one for randomize pitch and length.

7soundware – Pitch shifted delay can even obtain a granular sound for your delay line and since the delay effect is independent from the pitch shifting section you can choose the blend factor between the two effects.

7 Soundware - Warped Delay 1.0

Warped Delay is a Wobbly Lo-fi tape delay simulation, it can add substrates of pitch change to your delay or can go extreme act like  a Sample and Hold Delay or get  that Tape/Vinyl wow and flutter Delay effect.

A Lo-fi Dream, you can alter, wreck, shatter modulate and truly animate your sound.

It can sound like a tape or a vinyl in pristine or completelly destroyed condition, or you can simulate a vibrato effect like that old blue vibrato stompbox from japan, or even add a sample and hold line to a vocal or a piano.

Warped Delay is the key to modulated pitch alteration of your delay.

7 Soundware -
DelVerb 1.0

DelVerb is a new take on max4live Reverb, it takes a similar approach to a Schroeder All-Pass series Reverb, but it’s built around Delays!

It’s a really deep sounding reverb, it can be more roomish or have a really deep long reverberated ambience sound, added to that you have EQ on reverberated ambience beside independent Wet and Dry gain control.

The reverb consists of one longer delay line fed into 5 delay lines which act a bit like a phase filter. The size number modifies in a fixed ratio those 5 delays in series and this produces the reverberated sound.

The controls on the reverb side are pretty simple, you have Wet and Dry gain control and a size knob to determine the decay of the ambience. There also an EQ section to get the most from this type of reverb.

The EQ section consists of 3 bands individually tweakable, we have a low-shelf, a peak-notch and a high-shelf.

Each band has its own frequency control (in hertz) and a gain control, A low-shelf filter passes all frequencies, but increases or reduces frequencies below the shelf frequency by specified a amount (frequency and gain).

Similar to that, the High-shelf filter does the same but with the frequency above the control.

In the middle we have a peak Notch filter, this type of filter helps you to boost the middle part or cut it to make the un-reverberated sound more clear, in the way we’ve implemented it you can even search for a specified resonance by cranking the gain and using a real tiny band frequency and then eliminate those resonances.

This gives you total control on the Reverberated sound.

In the Center of the device you have the sonogram of the reverberated signal, this helps you to see which frequencies are more presents and loud, looking at that window we can see that the Reverb decay is exponential till reaching highest value on the size knobs where the reverb became a flat dense sound without exponential decay.

Now only for 15.99€